Welcome to the Sacred Bonfire

Begin here: deep in the forest.
Listen to the sounds. Alert your senses. Quiet the mind. Rest your heart. Take a deep breath and exhale. You are home. You have nothing to fear. There is nothing here to dread. The night is your mother: let her embrace you. The light is your nature: bask in it. Come, sit with your ancestors around the sacred bonfire. Let them welcome you and embrace you. Come, listen to them speak!

Sacred Bonfire is a personal and spiritual journal. It is a collection of fictions, short essays, photos, quotes, heresies, musings, and restless thoughts I have about my spiritual path and the things that matter to me. Don’t believe a word I say, but read between the lines and find a word or a phrase that will spark a deeper idea that reflects your own truth.

This site is a sacred space to ponder, ask questions, and share insights with readers and spiritual warriors who are on the path to enlightenment. Here is where I share with my brothers and seekers the views, discoveries, and insights I have into the spiritual journey, gay-affirming spirituality, the erotic sacred, divination oracles, magical practices, tantric sexual healing, herbal and energy healing, and contemplative photography practices.

I’m constantly looking for inspiration and sources for learning and growth; for that, nothing works better than writing every day. As Eric Weiner points out, “Intersections make the best muse” [31], be them a street corner in a strange city, a soft breeze high in the mountains, a link stumbled upon on a Web site, or a dogeared page in a book we forgot we tucked away on a shelf. Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and most forms of new social media are where people are intersecting and meeting today. This blog is my way of adding to the conversation and intersecting with new and old friends.

We are living in a time where miracles occur daily. From being able to carry entire libraries in our pockets or looking up the lyrics to a song in seconds, to connecting and friending people living half a world away, tweets, blogs, e-mails, and the Internet manifest what dharmic teachings have been saying for hundreds of years: we are all interdependent. Just like a butterfly flapping its wings in South America can affect weather patterns in Central America, so can the words in a blog influence and inspire someone living a thousand miles away to feel less lonely.

This space is an attempt to provide a context for the things I enjoy, and to wrestle and put into words those restless ideas, fictions, and thoughts sparked by books, readings, and events I see around me. The restlessness that keep me awake writing or tinkering on my computer long into the night need a home where I can visit and grow intimate with them. It’s only when we meet and become friends with anything that stumps or baffles us that the ordinary can be transformed into magic.

In the About page you can find a little more about who I am and some other fun facts people ask me about. There you can also find a form to contact me directly if you have any questions, want to share something privately, or simply want to say hello.

Take a look around. Come back whenever you have a chance. Come sit by me and the ancestors by the Sacred Bonfire.