The simple good

The title of this post is actually a positive one. I sometimes think that the word mundane gets a negative connotation because of the very nature of the meaning. I looked up the word. Synonyms that were listed included: dull, boring, uninteresting, uneventful, routine. For some people, I guess that is indeed a negative. For me right now, after the tension filled end of 2017, I am enjoying wallowing in my mundane, boring, routine world. — from: “The Mundane,” in My Secret Journey

Thus writes M. in his blog, and I’m reminded of a post I wrote last year for a different blog I kept that is now expired. I enjoyed M’s post so much that I decided to repost the one I wrote to remind myself of the often overlooked richness and wonders of the mundane and simple good.

One day, I am certain, I will look back on these days and long for the good found in them:

Lucky dog’s companionship
Daily readings in the morning
Sipping a warm cup of tea out in the backyard
A gentle breeze cooling off a Florida afternoon
The sound of a palm tree swaying in the wind
Blooming orchids in the yard
Having time to journal and write
Ordering and the arrival of a new fountain pen
Meditating quietly on my bedroom floor
Sitting in the yard with Lucky next to me
Watching turtles show their heads out in the lake
A hawk flying overhead
Time to read and study herbs
Playing fetch with Lucky Dog, and picking up after him

One day, I’m sure, I’ll move and live elsewhere. The landscape and the location will change. The air around me will feel and smell differently. The cast of people around me will not be the same. I may be more busy with chores (or less); I may be taking care of different folk, looking out a different window, or sitting in a different yard. I may have a different garden to sit in and sip tea, a chair that is more comfortable than this to while away the afternoon hours watching as evening settles in. I may pick up after a different dog, or a person I’m living with. I may turn in a different home. And my pens and paper, journals and writing will document different struggles and worries from the ones I write about today.

But today I’m able to recognize that even if I feel anxious, or alone, I can pause, recognize, and be grateful for the simple good that abounds in my life.

A slightly different version of this post appeared in a former blog. I decided to re-post it because it is one of my favorites.