Roll call

Writing can be a lonely task. One sits at a desk, takes up a pen or keyboard, and faces a blank sheet of paper or computer screen and wonders, What do I write next? The rest of the time is spent chasing after a muse or scribbling madly what comes to mind — hoping it will be good enough to post and for someone (anyone!) to read.

Luckily, I am not alone at my appointed task. I follow and read the words and stories of other fine bloggers who inspire and move me to sit at my computer to pound my stories so I may share them with others. These bloggers are my inspiration. Their honesty, humor, and generosity about the world and their life keep me honest and coming back to the page/screen to read their posts and write my own.

I have added my favorite reads to the (hidden) sidebar Menu for others to find them. Go forth, peruse their posts, dig through their archives, and follow their stories. They make for worthy reading.

Antroposian Musings is my Unnamed Path brother’s blog about environmental concerns and call to action. The blog puts a pagan spin on environmental matters and informs readers about the importance of saving the planet and what we can do at the local level to connect with the land, the spirits of the land, and how to honor the Great Mother.

Bricks on the Red is a recent find and one that I’m very happy to add to my daily reading list. I’ve begun to dig through the archives and find myself delighted by the topics and writing in this blog. If you’re fond of the South, bayous, and good writing, this blog does not disappoint.

Facing Traffic is as honest as they come, and I am awed at the honesty, resilience, and strength this blog displays. The writing is compelling and raw. The experiences written about leave me breathless and humbled by their intensity. This is not an easy read at times, but I feel enriched every time I reach the last sentence of every post.

For Puck’s Sake is a great blog for anyone interested in magical arts and Wiccan spirituality. There are plenty of book reviews, advice, and lore to realize that reading these posts mean taking a walk along less trodden paths in a dark wood.

My Gay Body is as sexy, sensual, and intimate as they come. I love this blog for its naked honesty about the joys of sexual enjoyment and sensuality of men’s body and sex. Reading the posts make me appreciate the gay male sexual experience, and has awakened in me a new understanding of male intimacy I always wanted to explore. Dim the lights, light some candles, and discover the pleasures of sensuality.

My Secret Journey is a source of inspiration and one of the reasons I started Sacred Bonfires. The honest and frank discussion of someone’s coming out process over the years, and the daily reflections on the journey, makes this one of my top reading destinations. Every post is a step in a personal journey of discovery, resilience, endurance, and awakening.

Sooo-This-Is-Me is another personal favorite and a dispatch from the Great White North. Intimate and honest, the restless thoughts of this enthusiastic writer keep me coming back for more. Another fine blog about the journey of self discovery and coming out, this blog is a welcome complement to all the others listed.

Spo-Reflections is the often hilarious, yet no less wise daily observations of Urspo-truly. Fun, witty, clever, and always enlightening, this is another favorite online stop. If you want an example of fine blogging, look no further.

Please take time to visit and follow these fine writers. I promise you won’t be disappointed.