At first, they’re just cards with splashes of color, images, and numbers that seem to have no meaning or reason to them. But with contemplation and patience, a pattern emerges conjuring words, emotions, and phrases that lead me down a path of self-discovery and understanding no other oracle can offer. Intuition is tricky. One has to learn, practice, and be willing to walk through dark places in one’s mind to find a Muse waiting on the other side, pointing a finger in the right direction. One treads through landscapes that may seem familiar, but which can be misleading when ego gets in the way. I’ve learned to trust my intuition—to let go of patterns and habits that have led me astray many times. Instead, when I read tarot, I ask the High Priestess to point the way to the Hermit, that he may guide me towards the Sun. The choices are always mine to make, for I have free will and the future is a moving target. Yet, armed with trust and guided by intuition, divination is a map to the World.

The Practice of Contemplative Photography.