I drop off

Hey Walter!
You are awfully quiet these days, everything ok buddy? Are you busy studying? Just checking up on you. 🙂
Take care,

Good morning. Yes! All is well — thank you so much for writing and asking.

I tend to drop off now and then. My therapist says it’s depression, but this is simply one of those times when I fold into myself to spend quiet time thinking, reflecting, and being the introvert I am. There isn’t much to say, really, other than — there’s not really much happening around the Sacred Bonfire. Hopefully that will change soon, as I’m growing restless and bored.

I’ve been spending most of the time studying (ugh!) and reading (yay!). This week I settled the on-going which is better Kobo vs. Kindle e-reader debate I’ve been having with myself, with Kindle being the current winner. I wouldn’t wonder if Kobo made a comeback next week, however. I love my gadgets…I may not have the gay decorating gene, but when it comes to e-toys, this boy loves his plug-ins!

At the tail end of last month I went on a family trip to Mexico to celebrate my brother-in-law’s 50th birthday. It was a nice trip, though my sisters and I decided this would be our last trip with our parents. My parents are getting on and anything that takes them outside their neighborhood makes them irritable and break into a cold sweat. The trip was enjoyable, as I like to travel, and Puebla is a small town I enjoy spending time getting to know. I managed to see a couple of museums this time and shop for folk art that makes everyone wonder if I’ve finally lost my senses. I came home afterwards and watched “Coco” 5 times. The film left me wondering if anyone would remember me when it’s my turn to go.

I’ve gone on a few dates, but nothing’s come of them. There’s a lack of attraction or spark between the guys I tend to want to meet and the ones who want to meet me. The last two promising dates fizzled into the annals of bad dates. Two weeks ago I went on a coffee meet-and-greet with a guy who didn’t show up. He never sent a reason or apology for his absence, so that made me decide to pull the breaks on dating and meeting less than honorable gentlemen. As my friend Victor would say, “What ever happened to meeting people the old fashioned way: in public parks and restrooms!”

Thanks for checking in on me. Replying has given me a chance to kick-off writing and jumpstart my posts. The Sacred Bonfire needs some re-kindling, and this is as good as any reason to pick up where I left off.