Locker-room etiquette

Like any chance encounter, we’d kept our exchanges to waves, a smile, a short greeting, and the quick assessments of looks, goods, and fashion gays endure from each other. Ours was another typical locker-room exchange ruled by typical locker-room etiquette.

A question of love

There is, and there should be nothing wrong with romance, or schmaltz, or finding love — true love. Lasting love. Honest love. The kind of love that makes us feel happy for the two people involved.


When I read tarot, I ask the High Priestess to point the way to the Hermit, that he may guide me towards the Sun.

Let’s get physical

Men hate going to see doctors. I think this is because we think it undermines the feeling of awesome-ness we built for ourselves as teenagers. We like to think we are unstoppable.

Roll call

These bloggers are my inspiration. Their honesty, humor, and generosity about the world and their lives keep me honest and coming back to the page/screen to read their posts and write my own stories.


At the end of every episode of Inside the Actor’s Studio, host James Lipton is famed for asking his guests a number of questions. These would be my answers.


“You’ve been ghosted,” a friend said to me. That’s when someone you “meet” online, or have an intense online “relationship” with, suddenly disappears never to be heard from again.

The path of the gay spirit warrior

I’m taking a year to explore the different archetypes of gay, male spirituality. It is a personal journey I hope to map so that those who follow are also able to find their way.


It is in noticing and realizing what it is we take for granted that happiness lives. The point is, there’s always something good, no matter how mundane it may seem, to be happy and grateful for.

The spiritual friend

As a brother initiate of the Unnamed Path, and a man-who-loves-men, today I celebrate and honor the feast day of St. Aelred of  Rievaulx, often referred to as the patron saint of friendships or the gay abbot of Rivevaulx.